There are many different ways to scale. We specialise in Lifelong Learning to accelerate change. We have a strong understanding of not only the strategic side of learning but also of the learning pathways. 

 If your organization is moving at pace and is ready to scale up, the development and implementation of an expansion strategy is crucial.  Your mission and values are your biggest drivers and so their dilution is one of the biggest threats to scaling your impact successfully. How could they be scaled effectively and replicated elsewhere ?


Mission-led Training Policy

Mission-led Training Policy

Mission-led Training Policy


How do your scaling activities stay focused on your mission and your values while the world twists and turns ? 

How do your stakeholders, old and new, stay loyal to your vision in their respective contexts ?

We help you devise (or revise) your organisational training strategy for lifelong learning.  We help you drive suitable training initiatives that cultivate flexibility while staying aligned with your unwavering vision.

Training Map & Plan

Mission-led Training Policy

Mission-led Training Policy


Are you wondering WHERE TO START or WHAT TO DO NEXT to design a specific training program/course ?


Here, we help you first lay a training design map an holistic view of your training program framework. We then work out  the details of your training design project plan according to your resources.

Training Needs Analysis

Mission-led Training Policy

Objectives&Content Structure


 Anyone that will join your cause, as  a partner, worker, member or investor comes with a lifetime of existing knowledge, experience and opinions. 

-What training content will respect these while enhancing them ?

-What do they really need to learn to add value for scale ?

- What to ask and how ? 

We help identify and assess training needs that will directly inform the objectives and content structure, making sure your time and money are not wasted. 

Objectives&Content Structure

Learning & Training Evaluation

Objectives&Content Structure


How do you tie up your impact and mission objectives to the different objectives of a particular course ?

How do you articulate learning outcomes clearly and attractively ? 

How do you make sure content is relevant?

Together, we'll develop the general and  specific objectives as well as learning outcomes and making sure the training content is structured accordingly.

Learning & Training Evaluation

Learning & Training Evaluation

Learning & Training Evaluation


Similar to impact assessment and analysis, this time it is both the training activity and learning that are evaluated. We'll look at, for example: 

-How do we know if our learning objectives are being achieved?
-Is the impact scale we've desired happening according to our mission ?
-What should we do more of ?
-What should we do less of ?

There's only one YOU

Learning & Training Evaluation

Learning & Training Evaluation


 Of course, we understand that you have your own sets of challenges, doubts, questions or circumstances.

If you like what you read but still not sure how it works or if you want to have a service tailored to your needs, it's easy. Just get in touch and we'll take it from there.

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Training design of International Master in Human Economy (Spa.)

Después de 12 años investigando y aplicando nuevas formas de humanizar la economía, llegó el momento de sistematizar y compartir toda esta experiencia y conocimientos.

Te invitamos a co-diseñar con nosotros el primer Master Internacional de Economía Humana   https://economiahumana.org/master-internacional-de-economia-humana/

 **After 12 years researching and applying new ways of humanizing the economy, it was time to systematize and share all this experience and knowledge.

We invite you to co-design with us the first International Master of Human Economy https://economiahumana.org/master-internacional-de-economia-humana/ 

Economía Humana Máster Internacional en Economía Humana