Now that Impact Investing is no longer at the margin, Social Impact management gets the central role it deserves to DEFINE and DESIGN, PROVE and IMPROVE in a feedback loop. Social impact strategy is central to the success of social entrepreneurs and changemakers to : 

+ maximise performance

+ improve internal processes

+ make better strategic decisions

+ secure investment / funding / contracts

+ be accountable to your board and stakeholders

+ identify and collaborate with strategic partners

+ get buy-in from employees as well as customers 

+ strengthen your “brand” and market positioning


Impact Definition&Hypothesis

Impact Definition&Hypothesis

Impact Definition&Hypothesis


Is a well-intentioned intervention not having the desired impact ? 

Do you really understand the larger problem you hope to solve ?

Making sure your assumptions are tested, we help you get clear about your research-based theory of change. You will then be able to move forward  confidently with the right business strategy for impact.

Impact Assessment & Studies

Impact Definition&Hypothesis

Impact Definition&Hypothesis


Impact measurement doesn't have to be daunting. Together, we'll answer questions such as:

-What to measure and how? 

-For how long? 

-What for and for whom? 

-Who will do it? 

-What are the appropriate tools & resources in our context ?

Impact Analysis & Evaluation

Impact Definition&Hypothesis

Impact Analysis & Evaluation


It's nice to have data but what does it tell us ? We'll look at, for example: 

-How do we know if our objectives are being achieved?

-Is the impact we've created worth the cost? 

-What (better) decisions can now be made?

-What should we do more of?

-What should we do less of?

Impact Report

Impact Communications

Impact Analysis & Evaluation


Are you confused about what you should put in your Impact Report and how ?

An Impact Report isn't great bedtime reading but it still needs to be concise and engaging with all the key information to PROVE but also IMPROVE.

Impact Communications

Impact Communications

Impact Communications


- How do you communicate your results to those who need to hear it? 

- What exactly should you share and when?

Impact Communications does not start and end with an "Impact Report".  Here, we pull the data back to engaging facts, real human stories and calls to action to your stakeholders. 

There's only one YOU

Impact Communications

Impact Communications


 Of course, we understand that you have your own sets of challenges, doubts, questions or circumstances.
If you like what you read but still not sure how it works or if you want to have a service tailored to your needs, it's easy. 

Get in touch and we'll take it from there.

Scaling your impact


Scaling through replication

 As your organisation grows, are you wondering if and how your mission and values could be scaled effectively and replicated elsewhere without being diluted ?  

 Here we help you design learning & training programs that are impact-focused and mission-led while adapting your activities to  their different context.


Scaling through collaboration

The interconnected complex problems that social innovations address often need interconnected solutions managing the complexity of these problems. 

Systemic and structural change can only come through systems thinking, going back and forth between micro and macro.  Here we help you design new strategies for inter-disciplinary collaborations, then conducting multi-site research design or meta-analysis