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Social Impact ConsultingSocial Impact ConsultingSocial Impact Consulting

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Trainings and PresentationsTrainings and PresentationsTrainings and Presentations

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Learning and Training DesignLearning and Training DesignLearning and Training Design

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Social Innovation Ideas Blog

Social Innovation Ideas BlogSocial Innovation Ideas BlogSocial Innovation Ideas Blog


Hi, Bonjour, Hola.  I am Genevieve. I set up GDL Transitions, collaborating with others who also love mission-driven innovation projects, whether start-ups or scale-ups, whether in education, sustainability, economics, health or technology. If that's your case, there are many ways we can work together. 

To meet your needs about social impact or training design, we provide consulting, research, trainings, presentations and collaborations; both online and offline. So take a moment to look around and drop me a line if you think we could be a good fit to work together. I have been working on French, English and Spanish-speaking projects.

Social Impact

Training and Learning Design

Training and Learning Design


Do you need CLARITY and DIRECTION to define, measure and/or scale your activities' focused social impact ?  

We can help you UNDERSTAND, PROVE and GROW the difference that you're making. 

Training and Learning Design

Training and Learning Design

Training and Learning Design


Do you need STRUCTURE to devise learning/training courses, programmes or policies for broader social impact

We can guide you STEP BY STEP, for short or long courses; whether online, offline or blended.

Social Innovations

Training and Learning Design

Social Innovations


 Do you need to better use the power of SYSTEMS and NETWORKS for deeper social impact

We  love to help mission-driven leaders make sense of their complex environments and UNITE towards systemic change. 

Latest info

Training design of International Master in Human Economy (Spa.)

Después de 12 años investigando y aplicando nuevas formas de humanizar la economía, llegó el momento de sistematizar y compartir toda esta experiencia y conocimientos.

Te invitamos a co-diseñar con nosotros el primer Master Internacional de Economía Humana

 **After 12 years researching and applying new ways of humanizing the economy, it was time to systematize and share all this experience and knowledge.

We invite you to co-design with us the first International Master of Human Economy 

Economía Humana Máster Internacional en Economía Humana

About me

Just an ordinary girl. changing the world. one passion at a time.

Social Impact. Training design. Social Innovations.

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