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"My clients know a lot, have achieved a lot (even if they don't realise it) and are inspiring, growth-seeking souls. We have so much to learn from each other. I am very grateful for the opportunity they give me to grow with them." GdL
  • Executive / manager
  • New business owner (or thinking about it)
  • You want to increase your quality and quantity of people, passion and/or profit
  • Socially responsible enterprise (CSR practicing or thinking about it)
  • Social entreprise
  • Charity
  • Public sector, government body
  • Planning for retirement (or planning never to retire)
  • Over-stressed executive
  • Wanting to learn new business skills
  • You need a structure to plan your goals and take purposeful action
  • Wanting to harness the lost art of chilling - guilt-free
  • You need to be (more) self-confident and self-sufficient

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business coaching

Coaches can make you a real superhero. No kidding. Read the article from the Times
It's not your imagination. Unmotivated personnel and unfit leaders don't help productivity. We can help.

We support managers and entrepreneurs who are concerned that their businesses have not grown at the rate they want to, frustrated that they are spending too much time in their businesses or who may be burning out.

We also work with businesses to align Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies with financial strategies for greater bottom-line results. Interestingly what is considered socially irresponsible in present times, commonly becomes unlawful in the future. The leading ethical thinking of any time tends to pioneer social advancement. Consequently, herein lies a great advantage for organisations that anticipate such changes. They adapt quicker and are seen to lead rather than follow. While organisations and institutions that fall behind public ethical and social expectations find catching up a lot harder.

A study published in Public Personnel Management in 1997 found that while training alone increased productivity by 22.4%, training plus coaching increased productivity by 88%. Discover where your organisation needs to focus next with our FREE Coaching Package our Business Plan Guide.

get the service that suits you and your organisation

Our recent research confirmed our impressions: you are tired of offers that aren't fit for your purpose. So we help you clarify your specific needs and provide tailored services and products based on those needs. Our flexibility allows us to design packages to suit different types of commitments and wallet sizes. Get in touch and we'll get cracking.

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One-to-one Employee Coaching - lady face picOne-to-one Employee CoachingProviding our coaching services to an employee gives the individual a level of attention and a source of motivation that they may not have experienced since leaving school. This will encourage them to reach their full potential, which impacts positively on business output and productivity.
We meet privately for a session of one to two hours, face-to-face, by phone or via Skype. We work with individuals worldwide.
One-to-one Executive CoachingOne-to-one Executive Coaching If you are a manager or entrepreneur, our Executive coaching service is perfect for you. We meet privately for a session of one to two hours, face-to-face, by phone or via Skype to focus on your specific needs such as reducing stress, making your life simpler, managing your priorities;
We can also work on your targeted business skills on leadership, communication, sales or negotiation.
Group Coaching - business people picGroup CoachingGroup coaching sessions are conducted in person with two to six people with common goals. Group coaching is interactive and designed to provide each participant with focused individual coaching while networking and cross-learning between fellow members of the group. You get the benefit of our coaching service for less than half the cost of one-to-one coaching session, so group coaching are good value. Team Coaching i s particularly beneficial for People Managers.
Business Coaching - growing chartBusiness Coaching Focusing directly on your business growth and bottom-line results, our Business Coaching service will help you identify improvements that could be made to your business and how to implement them to ensure that your business reaches then grows its potential.
Coaching workshops picWorkshops We provide public and staff workshops on many different topics, related to communication skills, confidence and emotional intelligence; states of mind and being that lead to success. All our workshops are provided with follow-up coaching. Read More
GDL transitions Members' Area picMembers' AreaFurther to popular demand, the GDL Members' Area is in the works. Once live, full access will be granted to past and current clients, free of charge! Watch this space...

results-oriented approach

"I have come to notice the increasing awareness of businesses to be socially responsible but not knowing where to start or fearing decreased sales as a result. I am here to help them be both conscious and prosperous." GdL

As your Business Coach, I will soon get you or your organisation to:
  • Get more of the right things done
  • Build fruitful partnerships for accelerated growth
  • Maximise the performance of your most important asset: your people
  • Learn how to define SMARTER goals
  • Feel like the captain of your ship with strategic and flexible action plans
  • Harmonise your relationship with money
  • Develop your own wisdom as concepts become a way of life
  • Identify what exactly is in the way of your growth and remove the obstacle(s)
  • Gain real clarity about the mission of your business
  • Reclaim passion in your purpose & purpose in your passion
  • Stay hot on target and cool under pressure
  • Notice when and why you're off-course and how to get back on track
  • Manage stress from the inside out (see our Special Report!)
  • Align your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy with your financial strategy for greater bottom-line results
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Understand and motivate people

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BE inspired

"Good design can't fix broken business models." ~Jeffrey Veen

"Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were" ~David Rockefeller

"To succeed as a team is to hold all of the members accountable for their expertise." ~Mitchell Caplan

"If people aren't going to talk about your product, then it's not good enough." ~Jeffrey Kalmikoff

"Strive for excellence, not perfection." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr.

"Try not to become of man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." ~Albert Einstein