You get paid for providing 4 unbeatable values…

When it comes to providing remuneration in exchange for value, the former increases when the latter increases too. I’m sure you agree! What you may not have done yet is think about it. So here is a chance. Think about it.

Whether you are wondering how to get a raise/bonus, what to do to increase your client base, what to say at your interview, think about THE VALUE that they want & need and decide whether you are really the one who will be able to provide it. So how do you know what’s of value to them; what’s important to them? Well, either ask, do your research or be aware and alert of what’s going on at work. I’m talking about the challenges the organisation (or prospect) faces, NOT the gossip! If you are the one showing genuine concern for specific challenges offering well-meaning solutions/ideas, you are the one who stands out!

Your job description may outline what you do, but it rarely tells you what you really get paid for; and that’s how much real and added value do you provide. Just showing up on time and doing an average job won’t make you wealthy, won’t make you stand out and certainly won’t make you grow. To earn a large paycheck, you need to deliver the things that people and businesses pay for: passion, attitude, expertise and performance.

Be Passionate at work

If work is the engine, Passion is the cheapest, cleanest and most powerful fuel there is. If you think about it, who gets the biggest tip: the waiter who can’t wait to finish bringing you plates of things or the  one who is eager to serve you for an enjoyable experience?  Your passion will have you think outside the box, be creative, learn and over-deliver without even realising it! Without it it, you will find it hard or very hard to provide the other ingredients.

Have a great attitude

Regardless of the job, employers and clients always want people who show great attitude such as motivation, open-mindedness,  adaptability, professionalism, quick-thinking, problem-solving etc. All great employers and managers know that they’d better get someone with poor skills and great attitude than poor attitude and great skills. Emphasise a great attitude and you will win over someone who has everything else but It.

Be an Expert

Knowledge and expertise are invaluable resources people and businesses are more than happy to pay for generously. Note that I did not say “experience”! Being experienced does NOT make you an expert, only ‘around’ for longer. Around producing what? That’s the real question. You may be an expert at saving people time and money by being more organised. Learn to link a result to how you get to the result. That’s your expertise. As an expert, you will then have resources that will be worth a lot to those who want the results.

Perform better than expected

Many jobs are directly measured by and paid according to performance, such as selling. those working on contract basis also understand this principle very well. Now in the  worksplace, it’s not actually much different. Ever heard of your performance review? Of course you have. Newsflash! Your performance review is not about ticking boxes off your job description, it’s more about rounding circles on the scale of your results from your passion, expertise and attitude!

If you can bring those 4 attributes to the table, very quickly and very easily you will be given money a plate!