Wish you were good at ‘talking on your feet’?


You know that practice makes perfect, right? Or if it doesn’t make perfect, it does make habit. Get used to thinking on your feet with these two simple tips to work on your talk improvisation skills:



Write different topics on small pieces of paper and put them in a small box or bag. The topics could be everything and anything, from puppies to politics, parents to patents, shoe laces to shopping. Now, blindly pick a topic out of the box or bag. Read the topic and talk about it -out loud- for a couple of minute. Just say whatever comes to your mind about that topic.



When you are out and about, whether alone or with people, you can still play the game within the private space inside your head. Look around you and spot some topics to improvise thinking about. Advertising boards could have some benefit after all. You could start a random conversation about shampoos with your friend. Bladder issues? Blockbuster movies? Exhibitions? Heck, you talk about advertising!


The point isn’t so much what you say, but how you say it. Do you still mumble, fumble, stutter? Do you leave out those sounds for awkward silence instead? Or are you starting to talk on your feet?! Practice these methods daily and before you know it, your thoughts will already be lined up to show up when you need them in a split second!