Upgrading by downgrading

Less is more. Small is cute. Simple is smart. Right?

I certainly feel this way today. I went back in time and forward in happiness.

With all these new smart phones flooding the market, what happened to the old-fashioned 5-menu phones? I actually really missed the clamming shell phones, there’s something cool and sexy about this manipulation. It’s a movement that I seem to associate with “closing a deal” or “success” even if you only just spoke about the weather. Maybe it’s to do with the clamming shell resemblance with clapping hands, I don’t know…

Anyway, as I was clearing out some old phones for recycling, I saw my old (& cute) clamming shell phone, in perfect order, and just opening and closing the phone made feel cool, sexy and successful! (I know… not too difficult to please, am I?!) But I’m also a very practical woman and I wouldn’t just let my emotions get their way. Then, something dawned on me… I have two phones, one of which, I only use to answer, ring and text. All the other apps in there are pretty unhappy and unfulfilled, to be honest. They deserve better than me.

So, I decided to sell my phone and revert to my simple and efficient clamming shell communication tool (now worth £2 apparently – no need to insure this one!).

Now, before you go and throw your HD 3D TV for a vintage broadcasting box, or kiss goodbye to your mansion to go live in a grass hut, remember that:

  1. I will be using the same functions than on the replaced phone, not less, so the practical experience will be, at least, as satisfying.
  2. The switch made me feel better (and richer! but that’s just a bonus)

So, I am merely advocating making things unnecessarily complicated, simple again; if only as one option. Like buying a pair of plain, one-colored (and complete) jeans. Or re-watching a 1950s Disney movie instead of Avatar.

What things in your life have become unnecessarily complicated?

What can you do to make them simple again?

Less is more. Small is cute. Simple is smart!