TOP Tip to be REALLY accountable and sky-rocket your productivity!

How many times in your life have you said you were going to do something, and then not done it? Too many to count, like 99% of people I guess. Our word to ourselves somehow comes cheap, the cheapest of all words that we give. Why? Because noone else would know the difference. What if someone knew the difference? What if someone important to you, knew the difference?

Accountability is one of the MAJOR keys to success. A coach undoubtedly provides that and it’s one of the reasons why people with a coach achieve faster and greater results. If following-up ideas and plans is a big issue for you and you don’t how to address it, do this:

1. Think of  1 thing you know that if you do it consistently and rigorously for 90 consecutive days, it will have a massive long-term impact on your goals. (yes, you do know)

2. Write out a cheque for 10 days of salary (or an amount substantial enough to feel quite uncomfortable but not disastrous to lose), give it to a trusted friend/close family member and tell them to cash it if you don’t inform them every day that you have done/worked on that 1 thing that’s now about to make all the difference to your life.

How about that for motivation?

Word of caution: know your limits, how far you can stretch yourself and what’s most appropriate to work on. Work on a step rather than a big project. Is it for a short term goal? Or to finally do something you’ve been putting off for no reason but plenty of excuses? Or for a simple but regular activity that could pay dividends in the long run?

PS- I have done this to finish writing one chapter of my book Passion Pays, which I had been procrastinating and, boy, I had it done (and well!) in no time!

Let me know how it goes for you!

Remember, now it’s time to get passionate!