The 5 reasons why people buy (or the 5 arguments you must know about your offer)

There are 5 basic reasons why people buy (and don’t or won’t buy). Once you know these reasons, you can make sure to master the right information about your product or service to serve better those people who would get great value from it (even if they don’t know it!)

For any purchase, people will buy for any one or more of the reasons below:

1.    Desire – They have a desire to own the product or receive the service
E.g. ever gone to a supermarket or candy store with a kid? Hmm.. yes, you know what I mean; that’s desire at its peak!

2.    Need – They need the product/service to achieve a certain goal or to be fulfilled
E.g. The Marslow’s hierarchy of needs can help understand where we’re at and many times we pass our desires for needs! (like the latest Hi-Fi system…)

3.    Trust – They trust the seller and/or that the product/service will deliver results
E.g. Establishing and maintaining a rapport of trust with people is crucial if you want them to keep buying your stuff. Customers are lost mostly because trust has been broken.

4.    Money – They can afford the product/service (or find a way to afford it)
Actually, if the desire (or the perceived need) is strong enough people would buy anyway. Credit card companies know this too well!

5.    Hurry – They are in a hurry to get the results the product/service offer.
E.g. Ever heard the phrase: “Don’t shop when you’re hungry?” That’s because, when you’re in a hurry, you’re bound to buy and as quickly as possible.

Think about the last time you bought something. Which was (were) your basic reason(s)?

For me it was last night. I was in the street, returning from a night in town and I was quite thirsty. I really wanted something sweet to drink and just the thought of the sweet liquid down my throat ignited the desire to own one! And being really thirsty, I wanted a drink as soon as possible. I usually shop for nice deals, this time I didn’t care how much it would be, just the result mattered (and yes, I could afford to buy myself a drink).  Furthermore, a soft drink, which I hardly every buy (my friends often moan they come over as I only have tea to offer them). Another day, and I wouldn’t have cared or bought for different reasons.

Now, as someone who sells a service or product, you can understand that they will come from one or more of these angles to buy (or not to buy). If you want people to benefit from your wonderful service or product, you must know it well enough to explain why someone would:

1. desire it

2. need it

3. trust it (and trust you!)

4. be able to afford it (or know how you could help them afford it)

5. need or want it N.O.W. rather than later

Simple, eh?

To Your GDL Transitions!


PS – Don’t shop when you’re thirsty either!