So you wanna be self-employed?

I was reading an article today which reports from a survey than 70% of people dissatisfied at work would only be satisfied if they were their own boss. I can empathise with that. What about you, as you read this, where do you stand?

I have met many many people who just want to have their own business but don’t know why and have no clue what. Well, taking any life-changing initiative for the wrong reasons is very likely to just being doomed for failure. It’s similar to children wanting pets and being in love with the idea yet not giving a second thought to  what it would take.

But they’re kids! You’re not!  So, if you just want to be the boss and the bossee, with no idea what to boss yourself about, think about this:

1st and foremost) Know what you’re after (or what you’re fed up with!)

What do you believe you will get rid of once you’re out of your current job? What’s important to you about being your own boss?

2nd) Be very very honest with yourself.

Ever heard the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side”? Sure you have. Now make sure that the expression hasn’t turned into your motto, or you’ll never be satisfied with anything.

3rd) What’s the problem and what’s your solution?

A business exists because it helps people with a problem they are facing. Is there a particular “problem” people are facing that you’ve always wanted to help them with? What would be your solution?

4th) Get ready for a ride

A business thrives because it consistently provides its solution(s) to enough people with the problem(s) they are facing. The importance of a consistent inflow of people who will pay for your solution(s) is obviously a matter of life and death (of your business). Get ready for a ride of sales, marketing and business management, all of which you will have to understand and execute well.  Are you still here? Are you still up for this?

If anythingmore or less substantial comes out of your answering the questions above, being self-employed may well be for you! Now get started on making contacts, asking questions, doing research and attending courses/seminars. As you enter the entrepreneurship world, you will get more opportunities to find out if it is for you indeed.

Good luck!