Quotes for Growth #3: Knowledge

Dreamstime pictureQuote: “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.”Samuel Johnson

Self-awareness: “I don’t know” – do you catch yourself saying this often? Or are you amongst those who won’t admit that they don’t know something? (any may even invent or guesstimate to hide it?) Watch your behaviour next time you lack some knowledge about something – either way, it’s perfectly ok.


Tip for growth: Instead of saying or thinking “I don’t know”, say/ask yourself “How can I know?” “Where can I find out?” “Who would know?”

With these questions, you will increase your knowledge in no time! And you will soon realise that even if you don’t know something, you DO know how to know!


To your GDL Transitions!




I am Genevieve de Lacaze, aka GenieCoach. I am a qualified Life & Executive coach with honours. I specialise in supporting people and businesses who want to be financially successful living their passion(s). I have been coaching  for several years with a lifetime experience of supporting people.<br /> I am the International Head of Accreditation Administration and International Head of Continual Professional Development at the IIC.