The key to doing what you love…

… is to B.. Well, before that, let’s get the obvious out of the way: WANT it. Do you WANT to do what you love? If it this is not enough, want it BADLY. Everyone is on board? Great.

Now (and that’s where most will jump and probably sink) the KEY to doing what you love is to Believe that you can do what you love. Yes, I know… there may this little (or loud) rebelling voice interrupting your flow of reading this post. We’ll talk about the ‘saboteur’ another time. For now, ignore it and hear this: Believe that it is possible for YOU (not just those ‘lucky’ others) to do what you love and love what you do. Like Arnold and Willy, with this belief comes its sibling: the strength to follow your own guidance versus what society or anyone else says.

I’ve been asked many more times than I can remember how I seem to be able to make life-changing decisions without the cripples of doubts, uncertainty and fear. Because I experience such states or joy, passion and enthusiasm before, during and after these decisions, I can not help but emanate these vibes to those who want to know what I’m up to.  That’s when I’m called “sooooo lucky” or “sooooo brave” as if  I had taken all the resources of these qualities and there was nothing left for them to tap into; their thinking then adds to their own feeling of despair and can’t-do attitude. Well, I don’t consider myself ‘lucky’ nor ‘brave” so it’s a matter of perspective. Life, actually, is just a matter of perspective.

Instead of feeling discouraged that someone’s got all the luck, why not feel encouraged that there’s infinite luck out there to be created for yourself?

I’ve always believed that I could do what I wanted to do and gone for it. My mum will happily testify to this (ok, maybe not happily but she will lovingly!). The belief and ‘Going-for-it’ with their WHATs , HOWs and WHEREs will be addressed later in this blog. But I can answer the WHEN, it’s N.O.W. And here is a first step you could take. :)