Give your life meaning – A lesson from Nick Vujicic

Losing vs Failing – Despair vs Hope – Giving up vs Success

There’s one major aspect that I dread about the World Cup and it’s the madness that comes with it like humidity with rain.Yes, yes, yes, there’s so much passion that goes on that it can be infectious but I guess that’s where the line between Love and Hate is the thinest…

Anywho, I came accross this video today and just wanted to share it. There’s so much to learn from Nick’s message, not only for our attitudes towards those men kicking a ball skillfully or not but most importantly… about our own hardships in life.

Life is about A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E and our attitude, of course, depends on our thoughts and beliefs. To do what he does and to impact people the way he is, Nick certainly doesn’t think that he’s doomed for failure and despair, nor does he believe that Life is a meaningless struggle.

We should all ask ourselves this question (answer with total honesty):

What are MY beliefs about Life that paralyse ME?

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