From passionate craft to prosperous work

You can do lots of things that are beautiful and wonderful; that strenghtens foundations and make a difference.  Art, writing, healing, gardening, cooking, parenting, music, helping others etc. Lots and lots of amazing things that need no attachment to a commercial enterprise and still are fantastically worthwhile. Keep at it!

If you do something just because you love it and it’s joyful, then you have an avocation. However, if you want your avocation to earn you a living then it a different ball game.  And you will have to up your game, more precisely one or two aspects:

1- ensure the standards of your craft gets to a professional level

2 (only if you want to be self-employed) you will also have to master the skills of running a business

Whether contributing to someone else’s business or being your own boss, to get paid doing passionate work, you will need to attract people willing to pay for your products/services/skills. These people will not only want you; they will NEED you and PAY you because you solve any of the following problems they have:

  • they lack the time, tools, knowledge or expertise to do the work
  • you can do a much better job than they can and it matters that it’s done to a high(er) standard
  • they can not do the job at all
  • they strongly prefer someone else to deal with it
  • they lack one piece of the puzzle to make things work well or better and you can provide that piece

Once you can present your avocation as solving one or more of the problems above for other people, YOUR problem is solved! You’re hired!  To prosper, you must get paid consistently, and  you get paid for providing four unbeatable values…

You get paid for providing four unbeatable values…