Meeting Expectations

On a lovely afternoon in London, I went to a similarly lovely restaurant-bar with a friend for a catch over a drink. The setting was neat, the atmosphere was pleasant, the new waiter was nice and happy to be there.

Looking at the prices on the drinks menu, we thought we’d have to get our credit cards out or settle with mineral water…  but we spotted a selection of cocktails for the same price as their tea.  The “cheap” cocktails were surprisingly delicious. After about an hour of chatting and sipping we were feeling a bit peckish. As we both already had dinner plans, we opted for a mere snack. The grilled lamb with apricot-something and curry sauce was a winner! (Literally. We flipped a coin for it!)

We confirmed to the waiter that we wanted just one plate to share and he proceeded to set up our plates and cutlery. Fifteen minutes later, the plate appeared; so large that I wondered, for a split second, how it would fit on the table.

Still, the lamb sticks were hanging over the plate… Thank God we were going to share!

The waiter’s stylish serving of the dish added to our excitement and as he lowered the plate from above our heads to the surface of our table; it felt like watching a gift coming down from heaven. We were very happy to get our money’s worth and could not wait to get our teeth into the big tasty dish. Then, it happened. The plate landed…

An abrupt silence took over. We would have heard a fly land on the downstairs toilet. Shock or disappointment? Both. X 5. We do not like to instigate such feelings in others so time to ask ourselves:

When am I over-promising and under-delivering?

This experience was actually worth more than we can say. We cried through our laughter headaches and cramps! It has become one of those moments that we remember to cheer ourselves up. It is important to make a point of those times that take our breath away, whether with laughter, joy, enlightenment or love. Those times are our constant reminder of the beauty of Life.

Which moments in my life that took my breath away can I recall easily?

As we were ready to leave the place, still in stitches, my friend pointed out the big clue on the wall. The place is a game of “Where’s Wally”! 😀

Life experiences (successes and disappointments) are usually preceeded by clues and leave even more behind. So, here is our final question from this episode:

Whether before success or after disappointment, what clues must I pay attention to now?