Does passion make any difference?

Some “trivial” things people say will stick to your mind like metal to a magnet.

When my sister had her second baby and I had the pleasure (or misfortune, whichever way you wanna look at it) to be there for the whole process. Of course, the baby is adorable and I even shed a few tears when I first saw her. They were mainly tears of wonder (not just sheer relief from having my hands squeezed like a dry lemon every 2 minutes all night).

Then , her husband commented to me: “Wow, the nurses and the doctors really did a good job. They do this many times a day but they treated us like we were so special. You can feel that they’re passionate about what they do.” Of course, he had a benchmark, the birth of their first child, so to him, this time was different. These people made a difference and it will stay with him all his life. He’s already talking about it and spreading the love, it’s natural.

Whatever your job, you are impacting other people’s lives. Whenever you get out of your house, you are impacted by other people’s performance at their job.

Next time you go to a restaurant or call customer services, ask yourself: “are you being served by someone who is passionate about what they do?” “would it make a difference to your experience?” “would it make a difference to your custom? in other words, would you come back for more?”

Then, think about your answer when you do YOUR job. You may change someone’s life today.

That’s what passion does.