Dealing with averages: 3 keys to always get what you want

During one of the interviews I made for my book  Passion Pays: how to make a living from your passions… and change the world too, Rick Mathews, songwriter in L.A. made a statement about his industry: you get 95% rejection. It made me think that all other people I had interviewed made the same point, albeit in their own way. Ifyou are also in professional services, self-employed, or merely working towards a vision, you will understand that you are in the rejection industry (it’s all a game!).

So, what’s the average in your field? Whatever it is, follow the following three steps (regularly) and you will be sure to hit your numbers.

1) make enough calls or presentations in your target market

For this you will need desire, passion, stamina, discipline, determination and resilience.

2) make mental and/or written notes on what worked, what needs to be improved and what to avoid, understanding why (as findings may be due to specific factors/contexts)

For this you will need self-awareness and honesty, discipline and self-encouragement

3) Apply learnings to be  as effective as you can on every new contact/call/presentation/submission

For this you will need a strong desire for growth/improvement, self-belief, discipline and again passion

As Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want in life, if you will just help enough people get what they want.” So you don’t want to have everyone answer positively, call you or be your client. In the case of Rick, he needs to submit on average 20 songs for 1 to be picked at this particular time. Depending on his success goals, he needs to submit a whole lot of songs. Regardless of his succes goals, he can only manage so many engagements: just enough. So you don’t want all the sales but you do want the next sale.

Focus on the next sale, which is always an improved or at least a different approach. Your passion will be your fuel to (re)start the engine, your self-awareness and discipline will keep you doing more than enough of the right things right.

To your GDL Transitions!