Why would someone employ a coach? When is Coaching Most Useful?

Let me ask you this:

  • Is there any goal that you can think of right now that you haven’t been able to achieve yet, for whatever reasons (some less true than others)?
  • Is there any recent situation that you wish you had handled better but don’t know how?



My take is that you have answered ‘Yes’ to either or both of these questions. Welcome to Life. Everyone could do with a coach – simply because we all would like to make our life that little bit or this much better.


So coaching is always useful. People use life coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them. That’s why successful athletes, performers and artists consistently work with coaches to raise their levels of achievement.  Many people who hire life coaches are already successful, but want to go to the next level, like making an existing business more profitable and enjoyable. Senior executives, for example, often want the unbiased feedback a coach will give them through executive coaching. This is why.


“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life.” -Chicago Tribune

Also, in a global development market estimated to be worth billions and in an increasingly confusing world, spirited and transformative coaching is needed. People feel dissatisfied or stuck and want support in achieving a more rewarding career, better relationships, more free time setting up a new business. They may have difficulty setting goals or finding the courage to do what they want instead of what others expect of them.  Like any close relationship, the synergy between the two actors is unique.


There are many reasons why coaching works so well and they can only be understood when experienced. To really benefit from coaching, the coachee must be willing to accept and go through change, trying out new and possibly uncomfortable approaches, examining ways to learn from mistakes, developing resilience. Simply hiring a coach won’t make it happen. The same way buying a book on a subject won’t make you an expert on the subject. You could hire a coach or coach yourself but the bottom line is this: a change of thought AND behaviour is essential. No-one can that for you.


What are you willing to change/create in your attitude and in your ways to change/create the results you actually want in your life (as opposed to the ones you ask for)?


Good luck!