Can you tell people you work in Finance and feel proud?

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We all have skills. Yes, we do. What we do with them is a different matter. Think drug dealers, or spammers, for example. To some extent, I actually admire these guys’ skills. Spammers have been impressing me with their ingenuity, time after time. Imagine what good they could do with such creativity!!

Now, what about you? Do you work in Finance but can’t bear telling people what you do? Do you do legal work but hate the type of people you serve, and yourself in the process?Are you great at marketing but tired of helping the rich get richer? Even when you think you career isn’t suited to you or you just want more meaning in your life, you can use your acquired skills, which many would appreciate in another industry. An industry that could be meaningful to you. Social entreprises are booming with people who want to make a difference with their skills. Why don’t you check one out?

Here’s a starting point. If you’ve ever been interested or curious about microfinance, here’s a great chance.

Microfinance without Borders

Microfinance without Borders is a Social Entreprise that provides micro-finance services and education to many communities around the world. They run courses for professionals who want to make a difference with their skills. I know them and love them, because I know and love their founder, Dr Phyllis SantaMaria. Phyllis is one of the 30 people featured in my book Passion Pays and she’s an inspiration.Their Microfinance In Action course runs regularly over a two-minth period and the next one starts in January 2013. Last time, they had three Anglican Priests on their course… I tell you, we all have skills that can applied anywhere.

As Phyllis puts it: “Microfinance is a vehicle for increasing opportunity for all people to reach their full potential.” Don’t waste yours.

You can tell people you work in Finance and feel proud! This is how simple it can be to make a (positive) difference with your skills. Spammers, take note.