7 Co-Workers to Avoid

Aahh, co-workers… colleagues… work mates…or other creative names… Lov’ em or not, they’re part of our working lives and we’d better make sure working relationships serve their purpose. If you have ever worked in an organisation, you will know what I’m talking about! Now, if you want to keep your integrity, performance, drive and professionalism, i.e. the things thatconsiderably up your chances of moving up the ladder, stay away from the office buddies who took on these unofficial duties:

1. The company hater. This employee wears a sunny face, but in the breakroom, bathroom and corridors, out of the bosses’ sight, far from the relevant ears, she badmouths everyone from the president to the doorman. A friendship here is the fast road to unemployment.

2. The whiner. Don’t spend time listening to this one drone on about her world, her boyfriends, the photocopier, or anything else. Unless you work in the complaints department and need to get “in the zone”, nothing productive will ever get out of these monologues.

3. The busy bee. Always playing the “busy” card as if the world would stop turning if he took a leak. So busy that nobody even bother them with work anymore. And yet, they’re still “busy”.

4. The lazy do-it-later. Spends his time haunting the water cooler while unfinished tasks pile up. And who will he hand work off to? YOU.

5. The know-it-all (and is eager to teach you). If they sound like they know everything about everyone and everything, run for your cubicle and hide. Their info is usually inaccurate, always caustic, and sometimes downright slanderous.

6. The Racer. She has her eyes glued to the top; it’s her one and only goal  and makes everything a competition to be in the boss’ good books. She’s a combination of several types, and is absolutely lethal to your career. If she makes it up the ladder by devious means, she won’t remember you. If she doesn’t make it, she’ll turn on you. No need to join in the rat race, as Lily Tomlin said The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you’re still a rat.”

7. The needy.  They suck your energy like vampires suck blood. They can’t seem to be able do anything by themselves and need help from someone (usually YOU) even send a thank you email.  One of the most painful relationship traps that you can fall into (also in the workplace) is that of caregiver; sacrificing your own time and energy, falling into a trap you hardly saw coming.

Now watch out for them – but most importantly don’t be one of them!