strenghts (& WEAKNESSES!)

  • Astute, Strong-minded, Free-spirited
  • Perfectionist, Attentive to detail
  • Supportive, Flexible, Practical
  • Solution-focused, Well-organised
  • Resourceful, Creative
  • Good Interpersonal & Communication skills
  • Visionary, Passionate, Soul-Driven
  • No-nonsense approach
  • Fast and eager learner
  • Multi-skilled in understanding and implementing all business areas
  • Diplomatic, caring and friendly
  • Multilingual (Frencjh, English, Spanish, German)
  • Seriously prone to sense of humour and restfully disciplined (thank God for oxymorons)


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Meet Genevieve, Founder I am Genevieve de Lacaze, aka GenieCoach. I am a qualified Life & Executive coach with honours. I specialise in supporting people and businesses who want to be financially successful living their passion(s). I have been coaching for many years with a lifetime experience of supporting people. I am the author of the timely book Passion Pays.
I am the Official Career Development Expert at and the
International Head of Continuing Professional Development at the IIC. I am also an avid tennis fan and coach the sport in my spare time.

Genevieve's Full Biography
Genevieve de Lacaze is the founder of GDL TRANSITIONS. Her communication and coaching skills already apparent from tender age, Genevieve has been getting tremendous value, delight and fulfillment from helping others grow, develop and learn (although she didn’t quite call it like that back then!)  Her path from team captain and yearly school representative to education to charity work to coaching has been a very natural progression.

Genevieve holds a number of diplomas, notably in International Business, International Development Studies, Project Management and Life  & Executive Coaching; she also studied Business & Marketing courses. She naturally enjoys learning and development and constantly self-studies any topic of interest. She has a passion and dedication to helping others as well as a real belief in human potential. She assists her clients in being the best that they can be while enjoying the ride.

Genevieve has always admired and truly cared that people create what they want and follow through what they choose.  In 2001, she embarked on an exciting journey by moving to London, eager to speak fluent English and explore life. In 2005, she quit her secure and well paid job to live and work in Guatemala for nearly a year, managing projects and delivering workshops for a national Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). During this time, Genevieve was also establishing education programmes and partnerships in Guatemala and Mexico as Programme Director of a burgeoning UK NGO.  In 2010, after more years of growth, development and learning (!) and fine-tuning her life’s passions, she quit another secure and well paid position to follow her personal mission and founded GDL Transitions.

Genevieve supports a number of charities and voluntary projects and believes that the responsibility to change the world lies within each individual rather than a dedicated sector.

Genevieve speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and basic German.

She is a qualified tennis coach, likes sports, dancing, music (shamelessly sings off-key) loves global affairs, nature, animals, science, languages, travelling, massage / healing therapies and most of all, helping people.

main training & Experience

  • Business & Marketing
  • Life & Executive Coaching
  • International Business
  • Influencing & negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • International Development
  • Development Economics
  • First Aid (always good to know)
  • Tennis coaching (interesting add-on)


"I work by a set of standards, which I try to keep lower than Mont Everest. It's no easy task but without giving too much away, I'd say that these standards are pretty valuable." - GdL
  • FUN


Our business philosophy is to be the change we want to see in the world; a world of fulfilled individuals and thriving businesses managed with passion, purpose, wisdom and serious humour.